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How to Eat a Mangosteen

Many people that have never seen a mangosteen fruit may wonder how to eat a mangosteen fruit. There is a unique way of eating a mangosteen fruit which we will discuss here.

Can I eat the skin of the mangosteen fruit?

how to eat a mangosteen People usually do not eat the purple, brittle, hard skin of the mangosteen fruit. The skin contains a lot of tannin and is used in some parts of Asia to cure leather. If you ever tasted the skin of the mangosteen fruit, it is tart and bitter and most people would spit it out.

Eating the white flesh of a mangosteen fruit

The soft and white part of the mangosteen fruit inside the enclosed tough and brittle skin is usually eaten raw. It can be eating alone or in a salad. But, beware of the huge seed inside each of the white segment. Do not eat the seed and do not swallow it.

Cutting a mangosteen fruit

To eat a mangosteen, you need to cut into the fruit. You can cut with a sharp knife or a dull knife. A good mangosteen is easy to cut so you can even twist the fruit open if you are skillful at it. Of course, it looks nicer if you cut it with a sharp knife. The rind looks hard but in fact it is not hard at all. So, don't use force when cutting into the mangosteen, you do not want to cut into the flesh white fruit inside. You do not want to cut the mangosteen fruit in half - you only want to open the fruit up so you can access the white part.

Eating the white flesh fruit

Once you have cut open a mangosteen fruit, you will see the plump, white, sectioned flesh. The more white it is the better. If it is no longer white but is colorless or transparent, then the mangosteen fruit is too ripe and will not be nice or tasty to eat. With a fork, pick out a section or a few sections of the white flesh at a time to eat. Bear in mind that there are seeds inside. Eat the flesh but spit the seeds out.

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